My newest book:
"Characters Who Never Got Their Own Comic Strip
An Adult Coloring Book"
More than 100 characters, including (pictured on the cover, clockwise), Sister Sky is Falling, Barbara Sosa, Corporal JoMama, Rev. Billy Graham Bell, Football players, and San Coyota.
Cartoons in black and white line art with plenty of white space, suitable for coloring.
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"Figure Drawing in Taos." Oil pastel, charcoal, pencil, and pastel drawings and sketches in color. One of three books I've published this spring.
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More than 200 caricatures in this newest edition. From Janis to Spock, from Elvis to Willie, this new edition also features some international leaders and politicians and perhaps even the next president of the United States.

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Bernie, Hillary and Donald. Bernie with his "cat that ate the canary grin," Hillary, who came close, and Donald with all his madness. All appear in this new edition, along with a number of other politicians and Presidential wannabes.

"Football, Basketball, Baseball
Rodeo, Rugby, Bullfighting
Drawings, Sketches and Cartoons"
by SAM•U•L

More than 200 drawings, sketches and cartoons, with a few journal notes from artist, writer and former sports announcer 
Sam Richardson.

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"Concertina de Colores"
Prism pencil on charcoal paper
8X8 pictured here framed


The Burro Lady

"The Burro Lady" was the signature piece in a recent show in Terlingua Ghost Town, down in the Big Bend of Texas. The painting was bought by collector Bill Ivey, who owns a couple others in my Burro Lady series.
8X8" prints available

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This is a collection of aphorisms, nature notes and essays written over a period of 17 years by river guide, artist and storyteller Sam Richardson.
Most of them were written in a little cabin on Rough Run Creek near Terlingua in the Big Bend country of far West Texas, not far from the Rio Grande.
Twelve months, twelve lessons, each lesson tied to a month of the year.

"Twelve Lessons of the Desert"
$16.50 includes shipping

"The Passion of Geronimo"
Mixed media, charcoal and prism pencil, framed

"The Ascension of the '57 Chevy"
Mixed media, charcoal and prism pencil, framed
Available from the artist
Mixed Media
Available from the artist