The gallery I was exhibiting in is now closed. All my work is now on exhibit in my studio home. Visitors welcome.

Some of these paintings have PayPal buttons on them which would allow you to purchase online, after which the art would be shipped to you.

However, I have found that the buttons don't always work, so my e-mail address is listed, and you can contact me directly.

All art work and books can be shipped.

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Oil on canvas
16" X 20"
Available from the artist

Calaveras de Colores

"Calaveras de Colores"

16X20” acrylic on canvas.

Available from the artist

“Nuestro Señora de  los Burros,” 

latest in a series I’ve done on the 

Burro Lady, who was the Queen of the Road 

in the Big Bend and West Texas for years.

16X20” acrylic on canvas.

Available from the artist

"Concertina y Magpie de Colores"
Acrylic on board 24 X 24"
Natural Accents Gallery
103 Paseo del Norte

Concertina de Colores

"Concertina de Colores"
Acrylic on canvas
Exhibited at Natural Accents Gallery 
103 Paseo del Pueblo
Some Taos personalities. L-R: Singer Jennifer Peterson; artist Ed Sandoval; singer Kim Trieber; river runner Cisco Guevara.

My newest book:
"Characters Who Never Got Their Own Comic Strip
An Adult Coloring Book"
More than 100 characters, including (pictured on the cover, clockwise), Sister Sky is Falling, Barbara Sosa, Corporal JoMama, Rev. Billy Graham Bell, Football players, and San Coyota.
Cartoons in black and white line art with plenty of white space, suitable for coloring.
Available from the artist
$16.50 includes shipping
Or, try this PayPal Button. If that doesn't work, contact the artist.

"Figure Drawing in Taos." Oil pastel, charcoal, pencil, and pastel drawings and sketches in color. One of three books I've published this spring.
$22.50 includes shipping

More than 200 caricatures in this newest edition. From Janis to Spock, from Elvis to Willie, this new edition also features some international leaders and politicians and perhaps even the next president of the United States.

Includes shipping.

About Me

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Sam Richardson, aka SAM•U•L, is a Taos-based artist and writer.

His art is displayed in a number of venues and he is a free-lance feature writer for publications in New Mexico and Texas. He has taught journalism for The University of New Mexico and taught art at Austin Community College.

He is also known as a storyteller and occasionally does public performances in Taos. Among his topics is presidential humor.

Sam’s last stop before moving to Taos a number of years ago was the Big Bend of Texas where he edited newspapers, was a contributor to state dailies, exhibited in regional art galleries, and operated his own guide service and tour company, running wilderness tours in the Big Bend and into old Mexico.

He has published several books including "Twelve Lessons of the Desert," "My LIttle Book of Caricatures," "Football, Basketball, Baseball: Drawings and Sketches," and "Taoseños, Terlinguaseños and other Outlaws I've drawn.".